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Encon Laboratory Inc. was established in 2006 within Encon Environmental Consultancy Co. in order to perform measurements, analysis and R&D in the environmental field. As of 2014, it continues to operate under ENCON Laboratory Inc. legal entity. As a beginning in 2009, ENCON Environmental Laboratory accredited by TÜRKAK(Turkish Accreditation Agency) and then authorized by “Ministry of Environment, Urbanisation and Climate Change”. The company takes quality oriented work as principle and owns ISO/IEC 17025, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 quality certificates.


Encon Laboratory Inc. provides measurement and analysis of surface water , ground water, pool water, waste water , sea water, soil , sludge , sediment, waste (eluate), air, sampling, immission acid rock/mine analyses needed in the environmental laboratory services. Laboratory conduct tests for more than 2000 parameters with the investments made and with the new devices incorporate into its structure in recent years.


By year 2016, ENCON Laboratory Inc., started to provide laboratory service in mining area to support ENCON Environmental Co.’s consulting work in mining activities. In this respect ENCON Mining Laboratory provides test and analysis services in mineralogical and whole rock elemental analysis and Acid Rock/Mine Drainage (ARD) areas.

Encon Laboratory Inc. is playing an active role in the Association of Calibration and Test Laboratories (TÜRKLAB), being a board member, in order to improve the quality of services provided in the market and developing a better understanding between the regulating authorities and the companies in the field.


Our Environmental and Quality Policy


As Encon, hereby we commit that; 

We will establish a sustainable environmental management system while improving the environmental awarness of all our staffs working in our company, 

In this respect, cooparating with the govermental and non-govermental organizations and establishments as well as all parts of the society, we will protect the environment through minimizing environmental impacts in accordance with the national and international legislation 

Inspiring from the integration between Technology – Economy – Environment, we take the energy saving through proper technology selection and use, prevention of the natural resources wastage, waste minimization and adding values to the country economy through waste recovery, as a main principle of our company.


We will give a priority to a dynamic environmental policy by providing the active contribution of all our staff to training and implementation activities for the protection of the environmental and public health in accordance with the rapidly growing technology developments and environmental approaches changing accordingly.

  • Independence, impartiality, and privacy are the basic principles of our laboratory.

  • We commit to the confidentiality of our work and clients all positive or negative information about them is kept confidential. We do not share any information, maps, analysis, and measurement results share any intelligence about our business activities with the press or third parties. Only the authorized laboratory personnel has access to such information. Laboratory management is committed to keeping the laboratory staff away from any commercial, financial, and other internal and external pressures and effects, and necessary precautions are undertaken to avoid conflicts of interest regarding the work of the personnel.

  • We work using scientific knowledge and technology with a professional work ethic.

  • We provide services under national and international standards, legislation, and legal


  • We offer our services under trust, impartiality, and confidentiality principles to meet customer satisfaction and requirements at the highest level.

  • We strive to create an appropriate working environment where employees are provided with continuous training opportunities.

  • We ensure that protecting and developing the environment is an integrated part of the services provided.

  • We ensure that the planning, implementation, and improvement of our services meet all requirements of the Environmental Measurements and Analysis Accreditation Certificate of the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change and TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 standard.

  • To prevent the use of materials and equipment that will adversely affect the accuracy and quality of the analysis results performed in the laboratory.

  • To continuously control our adequacy of service, we participate in competence tests. We use our standard working instructions, which are based on national and international standards, in all of our measurements and analyses, and our personnel work following these standards and guidelines.

  • We ensure the adequacy of the personnel working in the laboratory in terms of professional and technical capacity and training.

  • To ensure that all employees learn the quality documentation, embrace and apply these policies and procedures in their work.

  • To contribute to the sustainable development of Turkiye in terms of economy, production quality, resources used, and environment.

  • The accreditation documents given by the Turkish Accreditation Agency and the Accreditation Mark are valid only for ENCON Laboratory Inc, and if it is determined that the accreditation mark is used by the customers, subcontractors, or any third party or by any person or legal entity, ENCON will accept this as non-compliance and notify the relevant person/institution in writing, and initiate legal proceedings in case no action taken on the subject.

Mutlukent Mahallesi, Uluırmak sokak No:23, Bilkent, Çankaya, 06800, Ankara

Tel: +90 (312) 447 71 22

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