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Land Mining


ENCON Laboratory is serving the mining sector for many years and has a very good reputation for developing environmentally sound solutions. Based on the needs of the sector, we have started to provide test and analysis services in mineralogical and whole rock elemental analysis and acid rock/mine drainage (ARD) areas. While the mineralogical tests and whole rock elemental analysis bring light to the planning and implementation of your mining activities, ARD tests and analyses are important in terms of prediction of possible short and long term environmental impacts due to generation of acidic leach originating from mining wastes.We provide our services using the most advanced instruments with state of the art technology and highest sensitivity. Our services cover all the tests and analytical works needed for mine development,economical feasibility and prevention of environmental impacts.


All these analysis and works are conducted according to the internationally accepted ASTM and ISO standards. In these tests, instruments such as ICP-MS, ICP-OES, LECO Induction Furnace are used.


  • Grinding

  • Sieve Analysis

  • Mineralogical Analysis

  • Ore / Rock Elementary Analysis

  • Leaf Tests 

  • Static Tests:
    1. Leach Test
    2. Net Acid Production Test
    3. Acid-Base Balance Test
    4. Total Inorganic Carbon, Carbonate Acid Neutralization Potential Test
    5. Sulphur and Carbon Analysis

  • Kinetic Tests:
    1. Humidity Cell
    2. Leach Colon Test

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