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Taking Samples


Sampling is among the preliminary services in terms of environmental measurements in the laboratory. ENCON has certified staff for taking samples from ambient environment and effluents. We are providing sampling services at various levels starting from taking just one sample to conducting long lasting sampling programs. Especially, in the scope of monitoring services we provide to our clients, we have been conducting rather large scale sampling programs that are lasting for years and done on regular basis including; daily (with generally automated instruments), weekly, monthly, or seasonal basis. State of the art methods and equipments are used in sampling, which would ensure that uncertainty associated with sampling is minimized in our results.


In Encon Laboratory Inc. accredited by “TÜRKAK” and authorized by “Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation”, sampling, onsite measurement and analysis services are provided by well qualified, attentive and trained staff who are authorized by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanisation.  Sampling, either continous org rap, from surface water, groundwater, sediment, wastewater, sludge, air and soil environments are performed in accordance with the internationally and nationally accepted standards and legislation. 

Sampling Media                                                                                            Method


Sampling from Rivers and Streams                                                           TS ISO 5667-6

Sampling from Marine Waters                                                                    TS ISO 5667-9

Sampling from Wastewaters                                                                       TS ISO 5667-10

Sampling from Lakes, Natural and Man-Made                                         TS ISO 5667-4

Sampling from Bottom Sediments                                                             TS ISO 5667-12

Sampling from Groundwaters                                                                     TS ISO 5667-11

Sampling from Sewage and Water treatment works.                             TS EN ISO 5667-13

Sampling from Surface Soil                                                                         TS 9923

Sampling from Solid Wastes                                                                       TS 12090

Particulate Matter (PM10)                                                                           EPA 40 CFR Part 50

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